Party Packages

Whether in the water or on land, Mermaid Trina can help make events an unforgettable experience.

Mermaid Trina strives to provide quality entertainment at each event. If you have special requests, send a booking request and we can discuss what would make the biggest wave at your next event.

Land Event Base Price $175 first hour. Each additional hour $75.

Sea Event Base Price $225 First hour. Each additional hour $100.

Current Additional Options

  • Mermaid Crown Craft $25 (Enough for 10 guests)
  • Temporary Glitter Tattoos $25 (Enough for 10 guests)
  • Mermaid Hair Tinsel $25 (Enough for 10 guests)
  • Temporary Ocean Themed Tattoo Application $25 (Enough for 5 tattoos per 10 guests)

One activity is included in the base price. More activities will include the additional fees listed.

Additional fees include:

Private parties with groups larger than 10 guests

Travel to and from Berthoud, Colorado and the event site calculated using the standard mileage rate. Standard mileage rate for 2024 is .67 cents per mile.